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Meet Intellectual Property Challenges Without Reservation

A patent or trademark may be just as important to a business’s profits as a CEO, a factory or specialized equipment. Getting a patent, registering a copyright and filing a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) can be essential for entrepreneurs and businesses. Intellectual property protections help ensure that valuable assets remain under the control of their rightful owners.

Businesses also use other methods to protect intellectual property, including noncompete agreements and cybersecurity processes. Despite diligence and precautions, intellectual property breaches do happen. Legal action such as business litigation may be critical for IP owners who seek to undo the damage and hold wrongdoers responsible.

Barney & Karamanis, LLP, has earned a strong reputation in litigation of all types. Our dynamic trial attorneys aggressively represent plaintiffs and defendants in intellectual property cases through negotiations, mediation and litigation. We are ready and willing to fight for David and Goliath-style outcomes as needed for our clients who are plaintiffs or defendants in cases against large commercial enterprises, including international ones.

Protect Your Intellectual Property Or Defend Against Allegations Of Infringement

Discuss your next steps if you have been accused of intellectual property theft, if your intellectual property has been stolen or if you have questions about how to protect your intellectual property. We can also help you secure a patent, trademark or copyright. We can help you guard your trade secrets and confidential company information.

Consult with one of our Chicago-based litigators about any legal controversy or challenge involving intellectual property. To schedule a free consultation, call 312-702-0872 or complete our online inquiry form.