Trial Attorneys With A Record Of Multimillion-Dollar Wins

Results / Settlements

$6.3 Million | Personal Injury | 71-Year-Old Woman Who Was Sexually Assaulted And Murdered In Basement Of South Shore Apartment Building

$6.3 million verdict was achieved on behalf of estate of 71-year-old woman who was sexually assaulted, strangled and killed in the basement of a south shore apartment building that was being renovated by a construction worker hired by the building owner.

$2.1 Million | Medical Malpractice | Man Discharged From Emergency Room Dies That Night After A Missed Diagnosis

$2.1 million settlement for 46-year-old decedent/plaintiff. Plaintiff/decedent presented to an emergency room with complaints of chest pain along with shortness of breath, fever and sore throat. He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and discharged to home. He died later that night of hypertensive cardiovascular disease, leaving behind two minor children.

The ER team comprised of two physician assistants and an emergency room physician were alleged to have been negligent in their treatment, diagnosis and discharge of the deceased plaintiff who, but for their negligence, would have survived.

$2 Million | Medical Malpractice Settlement | Undisclosed Parties Due To Confidentiality Agreement

$2 million settlement prior to trial. A confidentiality agreement was entered into as part of the settlement.

$1.5 Million | Medical Malpractice | Untimely Death For Woman Admitted For Treatment Of Diabetic Foot Infection Who Developed Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia

$1.5 million settlement for 52-year-old decedent/plaintiff. Plaintiff/decedent presented to hospital for treatment of diabetic foot infection and was admitted. During her course of treatment, plaintiff/decedent developed pneumonia while being treated for the foot infection.

Plaintiff’s estate contends that hospital failed to identify and name the antibiotic susceptibility pattern of the causative bacteria of the hospital-acquired pneumonia so as to effectively treat it and instead continued with the antibiotic course of Vancomycin and Zosyn (used to treat foot infection), failing to appreciate that it would not be effective in treating the hospital-acquired pneumonia and ignoring her continuous physical deterioration and demise.

$925,000 | Medical Malpractice | Man Suffers Debilitating Stroke Due To Physician’s Failure To Perform A Pre-Surgical Diagnostic CT Angiogram For Cardiac Clearance Prior To Shoulder Surgery For Work-Related Injury

$925,000 settlement for 60-year-old plaintiff. Plaintiff suffered a work-related right rotator cuff tear and was referred to a cardiologist prior to shoulder surgery for markedly abnormal right arm Dopplers. Plaintiff had a history of a-fib CABG, right carotid endarterectomy, iliac stent, right subclavian stent. The cardiologist elected to proceed with peripheral angiography, atherectomy, percutaneous tranluminal angioplasty (PTA) and/or vascular stenting of the right subclavian artery without a preoperative CT angiogram. Due to the negligence of the doctor, the plaintiff suffered a left-brain stroke that has rendered him disabled.

$875,000 | Medical Malpractice | Woman Sustained Acute Severe Reaction To Medically Injected Drug Leading To Trauma And Death

$875,000 settlement was obtained on behalf of a woman’s estate following her treatment with a widely-used chemical product/drug, which resulted in severe side effects. It was asserted that this chemical medical product caused the woman’s prolonged physical and mental pain and suffering, eventually leading to her death.

$615,000 | Personal Injury | Woman Struck By Tent Pole At Country Club Event Due To Improper Set Up Of Tent

$615,000 settlement obtained on behalf of a woman struck by an improperly secured tent pole that became airborne due to inclement weather at a country club event. Plaintiff suffered a left shoulder fracture requiring surgical repair and therapy.

Road Project Stung | Civil Litigation | Judge Rules for Endangered Species Of Bees

An endangered species of bumblebee (Rusty patched bumblebee) is responsible for halting the construction of a highway and toll bridge in Kane County. Honorable U.S. District Judge Sharon Coleman granted a motion filed by James Karamanis to block the Kane County Dept. of Transportation for starting construction of the 5.6 mile road.

Breach Of Contract Settlement | Commercial Business Litigation | Undisclosed Parties And Settlement Due To Confidentiality Agreement

An undisclosed settlement was obtained by Barney & Karamanis, LLP, in a breach of contract action for their client who had contracted with a communications service provider. The alleged breach involved the improper attempt to terminate service under the agreement and resolved claims related to lost profits, unjust enrichment and consequential damages. The client’s damage estimate ranged from approximately $150 million to $450 million. The communications service provider settled the matter for an amount approximately equal to the accrual that it had established for the case. The matter was resolved to the client’s satisfaction. The parties’ names are withheld subject to a confidential settlement agreement.

$530,000 | Medical Malpractice | First Wrongful Birth Verdict In State Of Illinois

$530,000 in what is believed to be the first verdict in the state of Illinois for a wrongful birth case. The suit was brought against an obstetrician/gynecologist and local clinic for failing to inform a pregnant mother of the risks of having an abnormal child over the age of 35, failing to offer amniocentesis testing and misdiagnosing gestational age at 23 weeks when in actuality the fetus was only 16 weeks.

$1.15 Million | Medical Malpractice | Hospital And Physician Negligence Performed During A Laparoscopic Procedure Necessitating Subsequent Surgeries And Causing Permanent Pain

$1,150,000 Settlement in Cook County against a hospital and physician for the negligent performance of a laparoscopic procedure to remove adhesions and possible endometriosis from our client’s ovary resulting in perforation of the bowel causing her to become septic, necessitating subsequent surgeries and causing permanent pain and incontinence.


$700,000 | Medical Malpractice | Failed Chest X-Ray Or Follow-Up Treatment Results In Congestive Heart Failure And Death

$700,000 settlement in Kane County against a physician who failed to order a chest x-ray or schedule the appropriate follow-up treatment for a woman who presented with signs and symptoms which were consistent with either pneumonia or a cold, resulting in congestive heart failure and death.