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Pedestrians must remain aware while walking

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | Car Accidents

In Illinois, pedestrians are much likelier to suffer permanently disabling injuries or to be killed when they are struck by vehicles than are people in other types of motor vehicle collisions. Unlike car occupants, pedestrians have nothing to protect them from collisions. Because of their heightened injury and fatality risks, pedestrians must take steps to remain aware and avoid potential accidents.

Steps to avoid pedestrian accidents

People who are out walking can take several steps to prevent being involved in pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians should never cross the street at a mid-block area and should instead only cross at marked crosswalks or at intersections. They should also obey the traffic rules and avoid crossing when oncoming traffic has a green light. At night, pedestrians should wear brightly colored clothing and use reflector tape to make themselves more visible. It might be a good idea to carry a flashlight so that motorists can see them easier.

Just like motorists, it is not a good idea for pedestrians to be distracted while walking. They should avoid listening to music on headphones when they are sharing the roads so that they can hear approaching vehicles. Pedestrians also should avoid walking while intoxicated and should try to stick to sidewalks instead of walking along the sides of roads. It’s important for pedestrians to watch for vehicles on side streets and in driveways so that they can react if cars back up or turn.

If an accident occurs

People who are hit by cars should seek immediate medical attention to check for injuries. Getting medical examinations might help pedestrians identify injuries that they might not otherwise immediately recognize, and a doctor’s immediate attention can aid in the recovery process.