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Why do cognitive distractions cause car accidents?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Car Accidents

Drivers don’t always think about the road or potential hazards in front of them. Someone who drives the same Illinois routes for years and years might not worry about an accident. Then, one day, a car crash happens because the motorists allow themselves to become distracted. Even a momentary distraction may lead to a tragic accident, but too many drivers, especially young ones, embrace cognitive distractions.

Technology and daydreams lead to disaster

Using a smartphone while driving is too easy these days. Thanks to advanced multimedia systems, a smartphone may be integrated into an entertainment system. Some believe that hands-free calling and texting come with fewer risks than fumbling with a device. However, directing the mind’s attention to tasks outside of driving often results in cognitive confusion. In other words, the person is not paying much attention to safe driving practices.

Complacency contributes to risk. A driver may find the everyday routine of checking emails while driving doesn’t lead to an accident. Such luck might run out one day, and a momentarily distracted driver could crash into another vehicle or hit a pedestrian. Claiming any excuses might not save the person from civil damages.

The mind is not on the road

Technology and complacency are not always necessary for a distracted driving accident to occur. Daydreaming factors heavily into many accidents. Unfortunately, keeping yourself from daydreaming might prove difficult on a mundane commute. Road conditions may not present any immediate concerns, so the driver allows the mind to wander.

Car accidents caused by distracted driving might lead to a negligence claim. The at-fault driver could be held financially responsible for a victim’s losses.