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Vision Zero Chicago is taking action to eliminate downtown car accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Car Accidents

Every day five people are seriously injured in Chicago car accidents; every third day one of those accidents is fatal. Vision Zero Chicago has a plan to eliminate those accidents.

Vision Zero Chicago connects city leadership, technological innovators and other partners to achieve their goal: zero automotive accidents in Chicago. The action plan for 2022 will implement a three-pronged approach to initiatives designed to reach that goal.

1. Infrastructure

Vision Zero Chicago has four infrastructure amendments that will improve pedestrian safety and help drivers avoid pedestrian accidents.

  • Bumpouts at corners to designate safe spaces where pedestrians wait for a crosswalk light
  • Refuge spaces in the center of streets, designed to make crossing wide avenues safer
  • Hardened centerlines and rubber median bumps aimed at slowing left turns
  • Widened crosswalk stripes that more accurately follow the natural pedestrian path

2. Policy

Vision Zero Chicago is supporting policy changes that will reduce accidents and keep pedestrians and drivers safe in the Chicago Business District.

  • Pass a law making all CBD speed limits a consistent 20 mph
  • Change light timers to implement leading pedestrian walk intervals along with a lagging left turn for vehicles throughout the CBD
  • Install pedestrian countdown timers at all crosswalk lights
  • Eliminate “right on red” throughout the CBD

3. Education

The success of the 2022 initiatives will depend on public acceptance and utilization. The Vision Zero Chicago campaign includes education initiatives.

  • Engage the public by launching a marketing campaign, standardizing communications releases and utilizing current expertise to expand the communications framework
  • Install improved pedestrian signage, including wayfinding at complex intersections
  • Implement education and training for taxi and rideshare drivers

Eliminating motor vehicle accidents is a goal all Chicagoans should support to keep our city safe for motorists and pedestrians.