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Is dooring a problem to think about?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

Cyclists have a lot to worry about when they hit the road. Virtually any other vehicle could cause them harm, and potentially deadly harm at that.

In fact, cars can cause damage and injury even when not in motion. This comes from dooring, which serves as a potential problem for cyclists everywhere.

Injuries from dooring

Momentum Mag discusses the issue cyclists face called dooring. Dooring happens when someone in a parked car – either a passenger or the driver – opens their door without checking to see if anyone is nearby. They open the door either into the cyclist, or directly in front of the cyclist, causing them to crash into it or swerve.

Crashing into an open door can result in surprising injuries, such as bruising, broken bones, whiplash or even head injuries. Lacerations may also occur if the glass from the window ends up breaking.

If the cyclist attempts to swerve or otherwise ends up knocked into traffic, it can cause even more problems. They may end up hit by another car that does not have time to swerve and avoid them, leading to serious or even lethal injuries.

Reducing dooring incidents

There are many ways that drivers and cyclists alike can help bring down the number of dooring incidents. When possible, cyclists should avoid biking too close to cars parked near the bike lanes.

Drivers should also avoid parking close to the bike lanes where possible. Most importantly, they should always check to see if anyone is coming before they open their door. These two steps alone can prevent almost every dooring incident.