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Bad weather and motor vehicle collisions

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

There are many different risks you need to look out for while driving, such as reckless drivers and hectic traffic. Additionally, you should pay attention to other potential hazards, such as bad weather. Weather-related accidents occur for a host of reasons and have the potential to shatter many facets of your life, sidelining you from work and leaving you with debilitating pain, medical costs and other hardships.

In Illinois, roads can become particularly dangerous for a host of reasons, such as snow, strong winds, rain, ice and fog.

Statistics on weather-related traffic collisions

According to the Federal Highway Administration, almost 1,235,000 weather-related accidents occur on the road each year, accounting for roughly 21% of all vehicle accidents. During an average year, weather-related collisions lead to more than 418,000 people suffering injuries and almost 5,000 losing their lives. Most of these accidents take place when it is raining, but winter weather conditions and fog cause many crashes as well.

Different weather-related traffic accident risk factors

Precipitation can adversely affect visibility, traction and a driver’s behavior. Snow and ice can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle, and fog can lead to speed variance and poor visibility. Additionally, wind can lead to collisions on the road. Aside from blowing debris, smoke, dust and snow (negatively impacting visibility), wind can also lead to lane obstruction. For example, strong winds can cause tree branches and power lines to fall onto the road, which can increase the chances of a crash.

If you are struggling with serious consequences after a weather-related accident, make sure you closely review the details of the accident and explore your options if another driver’s behavior contributed to the crash.