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Bicycle safety according to the Secretary of State

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Car Accidents

Chicago is a relatively bike-friendly city. In recent years the city expanded the number of bike lanes, and the flat terrain of Illinois does not hurt either. However, riding a bicycle still poses certain risks. According to the CDC, 130,000 cyclists receive injuries every year in the United States, leading to $23 billion in costs in medical care and lost salaries.

The Illinois Secretary of State provides a manual for cyclists on safe and legal riding. For a brief overview of avoiding traffic accidents, continue reading below.

Stay to the right

Bicyclists should ride on the right side of the road whenever possible. Only move to the left when you want to pass another vehicle in the same direction, avoid objects, turn left, ride on a one-way street or when a lane is not wide enough to safely ride next to motor vehicles. Remember, cyclists have the same rights as motor vehicles.

You can ride in pairs of two

Bikers can ride side-by-side with one another rider as long as there is enough space. No more than two bikers should ride next to each other. Do not ride against traffic, as this is both illegal and hazardous.

Stay outside of the “door zone”

Finally, there is no law for riding outside the “door zone.” However, you should give yourself at least four feet to pass by parked cars. If there is not enough room, you can legally ride in the driving lane to avoid the dangers of a door opening suddenly.

Riding in the city takes some practice. Stay alert and remember to follow regular traffic laws and your common sense.