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What behavioral issues add to motorcycle crashes?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

When it comes to motorcycle crashes, data shows again and again that these crashes tend to prove violent, serious and deadly more often than crashes that drivers of other vehicles face.

While much of the fatal aspects of these crashes have to do with the lack of protection a motorcycle provides its rider, many of the crashes themselves actually stem from the behavior of a rider or driver.

Visibility and alertness

Science Direct takes a look at the contribution of behavior to motorcycle crashes. Specifically, the behavior of both the motorcyclist as well as surrounding drivers can factor into a crash.

First, alertness and visibility pose two of the greatest safety risks to motorcyclists. A motorcyclist needs to always drive defensively due to their size compared to other vehicles. One slip in attentiveness could result in getting hit by a car that a rider could have otherwise avoided if they paid closer mind.


Speed also plays a large role. Unfortunately, many riders will speed or engage in dangerous behavior like traffic weaving, which involves moving quickly in between other vehicles to get farther ahead. Both of these can greatly increase the chance of another driver hitting the rider.

But drivers also have behavioral patterns that increase their likelihood of hitting motorcycles. For one, many do not check their surroundings as well as they should when making turns or merging into other lanes. Since motorcycles are so small, they can easily end up hit by a careless driver.

Thus, ultimately, the behaviors of both drivers and motorcyclists need to change in order to create a safer environment for motorcycles on the road.