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What details to share with insurance companies after an accident

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

When you have just been in a car accident, you may feel unsure about who to speak and share information with. Under Illinois law, people involved in a reportable accident must report the incident to the Illinois Department of Transportation within 10 days.

Contrarily, you are not legally obligated to report the incident to your insurance company, though many specific policies require the insured to do so.

Cooperate with your insurance provider to a point

It is considered standard to inform your car insurance company of your involvement in an automobile accident. You can do so, but remain cautious about how the details you give. For example, try to stick to specifics about where the crash took place and when as opposed to who you believe caused the wreck.

Direct the other party’s insurer to someone else

In the event that the other party’s insurance company contacts you, rather than sharing your perspective, refer them to your attorney or your insurer. Bear in mind that the opposing party’s insurer seeks only to minimize their own costs and does not have an interest in your well-being. Refuse to provide statements and do not sign anything sent to you from this party.

Remember that every insurance company tries to minimize their payouts for claims, so stay cautious in your dealings with either insurer. When in doubt, simply ask them to speak with your lawyer regarding requests for information to ensure you do not inadvertently hurt your chance of seeking damages in the future.