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A concussion is a brain injury

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Brain Injury

Individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents on Illinois roads may suffer brain injuries. Some people think that a concussion is a “mild” injury, but such assessments may not be accurate. Yes, a concussion could be less severe than other traumatic brain injuries or injuries to the neck and spine, but a concussion might be much more severe than even the victim suspects.

Concussions and auto accidents

Concussions often occur when someone suffers from an impact to the head. In a car crash, hitting the dashboard or windshield may result in a concussion, among other possible injuries. The symptoms from a concussion could vary in severity and typically include headaches, dizziness, a loss of concentration and more.

Sometimes, additional problems could result from someone suffering from a concussion. Poor balance might lead to a fall. Memory loss may lead someone to forget to take necessary medicine.

In short, brain function might become significantly affected by a concussion. Unfortunately, a car accident victim might not seek medical care after a collision, not realizing that he or she suffered a brain injury in the crash. Failing to undergo a medical examination might further risk the victim’s health and safety.

Legal matters after the car accident

If a driver hit an icy patch on the road and crashed their car into a tree, an accident that causes a concussion might be unavoidable. Other car accidents may result from blatant negligence. A speeding, tailgating driver might run a vehicle off the road and cause a crash. A distracted driver could rear-end another car, leading to more than one victim suffering from a concussion.

Accident victims may file an insurance claim to cover their losses. The insurance company might attempt to make a low settlement, though, so negotiations could be necessary to receive fair and reasonable compensation.