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Should I Use GoFundMe To Pay Medical Bills?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Personal Injury

Internet entrepreneurs created many innovative ways for people to transfer money. Charitable sites like GoFundMe provide a way for people in need to ask for donations. Sometimes, an Illinois resident could be in a desperate situation and lack the funds to cover related bills. A medical emergency resulting from a car accident might leave someone looking at incredible expenses, so GoFundMe and similar sites provide a potential solution. Relying solely on GoFundMe may not always be a workable plan, though.

GoFundMe and its limitations

The clear drawback to online fundraising sites would be the unpredictable or dismissive attitudes of would-be donors. Simply put, some people won’t give any money, leaving the fundraising goal to fall far short of what is necessary. Even public figures with large online followings may struggle to procure donations required for surgeries and other life-saving procedures.

Likely, only a small percentage of people reached will respond to a donation request. Any money donated helps, but the amount acquired might only cover a fraction of the bill. However, there may be additional solutions to recovering losses after an emergency.

Negligence and related civil suits

Some people find themselves rushed to the emergency room because of another person’s negligence. Motor vehicle accidents caused by moving violations represent one example of how negligence may cause harm. Medical malpractice and premises liability incidents are others.

An insurance settlement could be preferable to a drawn-out lawsuit. That said, the settlement may require intense negotiations or even litigation. Filing an insurance claim and suing someone above the policy limits may happen. A victim could take both actions and set up a GoFundMe drive as well.