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4 Bad Moves To Make After A Car Crash

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Uncategorized

The typical injured party in an Illinois auto accident will often not understand what to do immediately after the fact. Everyone gets upset emotionally and physically when a crash occurs, and it is easy to impact a claim by not knowing what to do in the aftermath. Actually, it is best to understand what should not be done, and especially when talking to other drivers or the police. Keeping calm is important when not incapacitated by injury, and locating other potentially injured parties can be vital as well. The best first step is to call 911 and then take photographs of the accident scene because they can be good evidence if any injury claims are strongly defended. Additionally, here are a few other things to avoid doing.

Do not refuse medical attention

Emergency medical technicians will usually want to evaluate the condition of all individuals involved in an auto accident. It is best to comply and even seek treatment at a medical facility if others are a priority based on their personal injuries. Failure to seek medical attention could be used as a defense against the severity of injury claims after motor vehicle accidents.

Do not procrastinate filing a claim

It is important to contact both a personal insurance company and the respondent insurance company when the potential for a claim exists. Drivers could have a physical property claim along with an injury claim in cases of clear fault, and evidence can fade fast for those with difficult cases.

Do not forget to gather some evidence

Pictures often do not lie when motor vehicle accidents are evaluated in court. Many accident cases actually do go to court, and especially when the respondent insurance company thinks they can avoid a claim or reduce the payout value. Photographs can often serve as solid evidence in defending claims of comparative negligence.

The fourth and most important thing for drivers to never do following an accident is admitting fault for the mishap. Motor vehicle accidents claims in Illinois are determined based on the fault level assigned to each driver, and an admission of fault could result in a claim denial for injured drivers under certain conditions.