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Staying safe while driving rural roads

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Car Accidents

Accidents on city highways occur mainly due to reckless driving. Accidents on rural roads occur mainly because of poorly engineered roads. In rural communities in Illinois, it’s important to understand the dynamics of the roads to prevent all types of accidents.

Renovating the roads

Making rural roads safer means improving the existing methods of road engineering. The too-small layout is a common fault with most rural roads. In some remote places, it’s difficult or impossible for two cars to fit onto the same road and pass each other safely. In addition, many of these roads are built on rugged terrain, so it’s easy for drivers to get run off the road and into dangerous terrain. Building roads with shoulders is an effective solution to prevent car accidents.

Better lane markings

Another problem occurs when drivers cannot see the road markings properly. So, they increase the risks of sideswiping other cars. The roads should be marked with bold white or yellow lines down the middle. On roads where there are numerous accidents, one solution is to install median barriers to prevent collisions.

Safeguarding intersections

The risks of crashes increase at intersections, even those that occur in rural areas. Installing stop signs or traffic lights is the solution. At simple two-lane or four-lane intersections, installing a stop sign is often the easiest and most effective method necessary.

Increasing safety on the worst roads

Driving alone on a solitary country road may seem innocent and safe, but many roads are more difficult to navigate than you know. A road that curves too suddenly or narrows too thinly is dangerous from all angles. It’s the public’s responsibility to prevent all types of collisions on countryside roads.