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What to remember if your teen driver is in a car crash

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Car Accidents

The last call any Illinois parent wants is the one alerting them that their teenage driver has been in a motor vehicle accident . Your teenager is most likely very upset, and you must stay calm to guide them through what to do next. Here are a few things that can tell them that they should do.

Check for injuries

Immediately following the MVA, it easy to panic and feel lost. It is important to try to calm down and assess the damages around you. Are you or other passengers visibly injured? If there are no injuries and you can still drive the vehicle, move it out of the way of traffic and turn on your hazard lights.

If there are injuries, you will want to immediately dial 911. Knowing your exact location, the details of the accident, and those involved are helpful to the dispatcher. It is also important to note that injuries can sometimes take days to present symptoms after a MVA.

Report the accident

Report the accident to the proper authorities. Failing to do so can impact your ability to be reimbursed for expenses if the accident was not your fault. Sometimes the police will come to the scene to determine fault, but other times you will need to go to the police station to file a report.

Trade driver information

Take down the driver’s license number and contact information of the other driver. You will also need to swap insurance company information and policy numbers. Take down the year, model, make and color of the other vehicle and write down the license plate number. If there is a lawsuit to determine fault, a personal injury attorney will need this information.

Write down the crash details

Take notes and pictures about the crash, if you are able to. Even a rudimentary map with explanations about the accident can help determine who should be held responsible. Additionally, never admit fault, because it may not be yours.