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Why are pedestrian accidents increasing?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Car Accidents

Pedestrian deaths over the past few years have been breaking records. This has caused a safety crisis for many pedestrians and has alarmed civilians who use walking as their main form of transportation in Illinois. Here are a few potential causes of the increase in pedestrian accidents.

Increased SUV popularity

SUVs have become much more popular in recent history, meaning there a lot more of them on the road. SUVs are larger, wider and heavier than a regular sedan, so if an SUV hits a pedestrian, it is much more likely to be fatal than a car accident with a smaller vehicle.

Distractions by smartphone

If the driver gets distracted by their smartphone, it will greatly increase the chances that they hit a pedestrian they didn’t realize was there. Many people with smartphones use their phone while driving, so it is a possibility that getting distracted by their phone causes them to lose focus and awareness of their surroundings. Other things that may cause a driver to lose focus include eating while driving, applying makeup, focusing on GPS or a map, and engaging in other activities that draw a driver’s attention away from the road.

More people walking

Around the country, the number of people walking has increased. Whether they are walking to and from a job or just walking outside to get some fresh air, there is more pedestrian traffic now than there has been in recent years.

More pedestrians walking in general means that there are more people walking at night, which is when a large portion of these pedestrian casualties take place. Lack of sunlight mixed with poor headlights and a poorly lit intersection could cause a driver to not see a pedestrian crossing the street.

The rise in pedestrian accidents means that drivers and pedestrians alike need to be careful when leaving home. If you end up in an accident, ensure that you find an experienced accident attorney to protect yourself legally.